viernes, 6 de septiembre de 2013

LUTHIER - an elegy

I'm pretty late with this, but things heated up for me soon after Casi walked on out of life.  Anyway, I loved the guy, and here's my elegy to Chris Caswell, my dear friend.


            ~ for Cas

a gentle presence,
the kindest gaze,
filled with thoughts
and music:  casi.

and slow-moving –
a river of gentleness –
was this man, almost
an angel
while waiting for a bus
to somewhere else.

and nights at camp
the jokes, the stories,
his hands on the strings,
eyes that had seen much,
his heart open to all
like a rose
like a whole vase of roses

still there is
(there will always be) that
picture of him
the cans on his ears
hands poised on the soundboard,
and when her words
hit the mic
he wept too:
a moment never forgot.

some will say that
the good die young
or die
too soon –
and that is only a bruised heart
cas lived
a makeshift but oddly perfected
a bit of wabisabi in every corner,
and a whistling wait.

the end was hard –
hard on us all
and on him too,
though he was peaceful
he caught the glint
in my eye that last evening,
and only whispered

“nothing,” i said, “just the music.”

                        ~ Hakim

David Hakim is an internationally-published journalist and award-winning author who has run several newspapers – and recently received a commendation for his short story That Man in the London Aesthetica Competition.  He can be reached at dhakim at

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