jueves, 13 de julio de 2017

My mother passed out of this life a few months ago, and several people have asked about pictures of her.

My sisters & I produced a wonderful Celebration of Life for my mother, and part of that was a PowerPoint presentation.

But I discovered that I couldn't upload that PowerPoint, so I've uploaded the individual photos.

 Here they are:

My mother & her sister at their childhood home in Jackson Heights, New York.

Happy days in Hidden Hills - the last house on Long Valley Road, and the T-Bird she loved.

In her favorite classic sweater dress - the 1960s.

With my grandfather Frank, during his times of declining health - he was in his late sixties.

A happy time i n the photo booth - I must be about 9 or 10 years old in these shots.

Probably Easter or Christmas - with her sister and their folks, Frank & Connie.

This was a happy dinner - informal, just the family, no holiday stress. 

This was likely at one of the Oscar events with Daddy.

A trip that my folks took, driving north to Vancouver.

 Not sure where this was, but Mom was pretty happy that day!